co-existence or

enmity: Christian,

Jews and Muslims in

the medieval Iberian


Description:  The long period when three different religious communities lived in what is today Spain and Portugal has been described very differently by historians. For some it was a period of friendly relations apart of course from when there was open conflict, as there often was, between the various states.

For others the frequent discriminatory behavior against religious minorities suggests this was far from a benign situation, apart from occasional examples of inter-communal harmony.   An attempt will be made at presenting a balanced analysis of this period while also acknowledging the role that the positive symbol plays in modern European culture. There will be an emphasis on the culture of the Iberian world and how the various communities interacted.

Speaker: Oliver Leamanteaches Philosophy at the University of Kentucky and has written on several of the major figures from this time and region, including Maimonides, Ibn Rushd (Averroes), Ibn Tufayl and Ibn Bajja. His most recent book is The Qur’an: a philosophical guide, Bloomsbury 2016.

Location: Ohavay Zion Synagogue, 2048 Edgewater Ct, Lexington, KY 40502

Date and Time:  Sunday, March 24,  2019. 4 P.M. - 6 P.M.

No meal will follow. Drinks and snacks will be provide.

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Our Mission

The Muslim Christian Dialogue promotes understanding and mutual respect between Christians and Muslims. It explores historical, political and cultural factors that have shaped the current context and have contributed to the views we hold today. Through discussion and reflection, it believes that all can counter prejudices and inflammatory rhetoric and help raise the tenor of the dialogue. In the end, the CMD promotes one’s personal and collective responsibility to build a more open and accepting community at home, contributing to a more just and peaceful world.

Why don't Muslim leaders speak out against ISIS and terrorism?

Actually, they do.

10/2017: Here is another website that maintains a long list of terrorist condemnations from Muslim leaders and organizations. 

​10/2017:  Article refuting Thomas Friedman and others. Kamran Pasha asks "why does the media ignore reporting on Muslim leaders who speak out?"  


Responses to Orlando: and  this interfaith response from Georgetown University

6/13/16: "As people of faith, we believe that all human beings have the right to safety and security and that each and every human life is inviolable." - from the Orlando Statement, undersigned by over 400 Muslim leaders in the US, in response to the Orlando murders.

​3/24/16:  Presenting a contrasting view, a med student writes in the Huffington Post that Muslims should never have to apologize for terrorist acts, over whiich Muslims have no control. 

1/26/16.  The Marrakesh Declaration is a statement of support by more than 250 Muslim religious, state, and education leaders, defending the rights of religious minorities in majority Islamic countries.

11/18/2015:  An ABCreport on Chicago Muslims imams speak out against the Paris attacks.


3/27/15:  An article from Huffington Post about imams fighting the ideological war. Read an anti-ISIS magazine put together by these imams here.

8/14: also pulled together a list like this.

​1/11/15:  46 examples of Muslim outrage at Paris shootings

Stories you won't typically find on Fox News or CNN


Muslim Initiatives Against Extremism, from PBS

8/21/14:  Top Muslim Leaders And Groups -- Like The Organization of Islamic Cooperation -- Have Condemned The Islamic State  "From Nigeria To The World: We Denounce Terror!"






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Saturday morning monthly programs (usually the 4th Saturday of the month) start at 10AM ET and feature speakers, panels, or films and active discussions that open new perspectives on relevant issues. Given the tenor of the times, the major program emphasis is on relations between Christians and Muslims, but people of all faiths, all cultures and backgrounds are welcome to participate in positive and construction discussion.

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